New blog address :)

Hello my lovely followers,

It has again been a while since I posted on here. I hope you are all happy and healthy. I now have a new blog on wordpress which I am now using for all my thoughts on life and happiness. Please follow me on that when you get a moment and thank you-

Wishing you all a blessed day 

Lots of love

Hannah ️xx 

Testing testing

Hello my dears!!

My god it has been a long time since I posted on here. Wowzers I apologise. Sooooooo much has happened in my life since we last spoke I don’t even know where to start! However I don’t want to waste my time writing stuff if nobody can actually read this because apparently my sites down and I’m unable to renew it at the moment for some strange reason. 

Anyway I have a massive favour to ask you. If you can read this, can you please either Like the post or comment on it so I know.

Thanks a mill. I’m going to write a long one tomorrow hopefully. Stay tuned. Be happy. ️Xxx Mwah 

I’ve been busy being happy

Hello lovely’s,

Sorry I haven’t blogged for so long! I’m still here 🙂 I have had a really good few months if I’m honest and super busy hence not having much time to write. But I have missed it. I hope you’re all doing well and life has been good for you. Are you still meditating? Are you reminding yourself what you’re grateful for every day? I haven’t meditated for ages to be honest. Bad me. I can tell too because my anxiety has risen ever so slightly. The mind a little bit of a chatterbox again! Just because life gets busy, we mustn’t forget the importance of silencing the mind and being still for a brief moment each day. I shall start again today. 

Sooooo I’m working as a personal trainer again in central London. I absolutely love it!! My clients are wonderful and I feel very lucky to finally be making some decent dosh! I’m doing an Indian head massage course in a few weeks too so I can help busy city workers with stress relief and muscle tension. Again, making a little difference to the beautiful lives of others. Doing what I am here to do on this planet. What we are all here to do. 
Anyway I’m off for a run. Happy Tuesday and speak soon I promise ️xxx